img6The business community is currently in actual need of employees with technical skills and knowledge. Unfortunately, there is a serious shortage of people who have those skills.

There are, however, hard-working, diligent people who, if they could learn in-demand technology skills, could fill those jobs.

We solve these problems. We help people learn in-demand technology skills that will make them attractive to employers who are hiring.

We are not only providing the theoretical knowledge but we are also providing practical knowledge to you. We are not only training institute, we are Web Design, Development and SEO Company who will train you in website design, and development. We have a vast knowledge of various industries for whom we had developed websites. We know that what industrial clients want from a professional. Keeping these things in our mind our experts has designed such a curriculum for our training program.

We had done survey in many institutes about their curriculum, faculties, fees and their industrial approach towards courses, but it is hard to believe that, in faculties we find lack of knowledge. Total Fees for these institutes high and industrial approach is just nothing, also this fact seems to be interested that no institute is available in the market who is up to the mark of a website designing company and after completing the courses from these institutes students are not able to get jobs, because of the lack of knowledge and practical approach.

Our course is the 100% practical, specially designed by our experts who have expertise and specialized to know how to bring you a course that’s guaranteed to make you as a professional. It may sound interesting that Web Designing and development as a career offers a gold-mine of opportunities with limited skills and negligible financial investment on your side.

  • Course Fees₹6,000

    Web Design

    SCWEBTECH Academy trains our students according to the demand in the Web design & development industry. The training program is focused on that particular knowledge area which has a proper implementation in real live project execution.

  • Course Fees₹8,000

    Responsive HTML with JavaScript

    A website with Responsive HTML can adapts to any screen size and it’s as easy to use on any device. After completing the training you can utilize your skills and develop responsive websites with ease.

  • Course Fees₹12,000

    Web Design & Responsive HTML with JavaScript

    SCWEBTECH Academy helps you to find the right career path in the ‘Web Design and Development World’ by providing the most updated Web Designing & Responsive HTML course in Kolkata.

  • Course Fees₹10,000

    Web Development

    Website development is a really huge industry with growing career opportunities, as India is evolving with startups. It has a good scope of rapid growth and high salary, leading to high job security and luxury of life. Web development is the fastest growing sector of IT.

  • Course Fees₹5,000

    Advance Web Development

    SCWEBTECH Academy’s Advance Web Development course is designed in such a way that you can go from absolute zero skill to fully qualified web developer in few weeks. Our professional web development trainers will constantly update you with latest contents, projects, and modules.

  • Course Fees₹4,000

    Graphic Wizward

    Nowadays Graphic Design is the best career option. In recent days Graphic Design is a need of the growing Indian graphic and communication design industry.

  • Course Fees₹5,000

    Learn C and C++

    C is the mother of all Programming Languages and is must for a promising Programmer. The course establishes the programming fundamentals and helps you to build small projects in C language and C++ was the first popular modern object oriented programming language.


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